Mochizuki Shizuka is a minor character in the manga ARISA. She was one of the victims of the "king" when she got attacked by Midori (King). She is currently paraplegic but is doing well in rehab. She left Arisa's school to go to an orphanage due to harming her aunt.

Appearance Edit

Shizuka has long straight hair that ends at her waist. In the manga scans she has mauve or ash brown hair and violet eyes. She is slim just like the other characters.

Personality Edit

Shizuka was a kind, optimistic and happy kid when she was young. After her failed suicide attempt she grew hating Arisa who she had thought sent the traitor card along with making 2-B erase her from the class. She is very demanding towards Manabe often asking him to do things for her before and after her incident 6 months ago. When with Tsubasa for the second time meeting her, she was very cheerful and kind to her. During school time, when around with Arisa (Tsubasa) she becomes mean.


Shizuka and Manabe are long time childhood friends. Shizuka met Manabe at his family's hospital when her father was first hospitalized. During her younger years she was a very kind and happy girl but that all changed when her father passed away thus having her aunts to take care of her. Her goal was to be the top student in her school to make her aunts proud, which Manabe encouraged.

After knowing that Manabe was visited by a "weird girl" which was Arisa Sonada. Shizuka was shocked to see that it was not her who was on the top this time but actually Arisa. Shizuka chances upon Arisa's notebook and steals it in order to beat Arisa in the tests. Each time she does so, she fails. She then asks Manabe to steal Arisa's notes again as well asking him to make Arisa look like she commited a crime. Manabe refuses which makes Shizuka remind him that he was to be her ally and be by her side. Shizuka constantly texts Manabe questioning about if he will really break his promise to her. She then stumbles upon the King Time home screen in her cell phone and wonders if the site is really real or bogus. Mariko sees that Shizuka has the screen of King Time open and asks Shizuka if she is going to make a wish, but Shizuka says that she isn't and that the whole King Time is a fake thus making her classmates shocked to hear this statement of hers.

Shizuka gets a traitor card from the King and questions what it is. She is then bullied by the students in 2B, frightened and confused. Shizuka texts Manabe asking him to help her but is ignored by him instantly. She pleads for someone to help her and eventually falls off the rooftop of the school thus making her lose movement on her legs.

Relationships Edit

Manabe Akira

Manabe is Shizuka's childhood friend. He met Shizuka when her father was hospitalized in his family's hospital. He says that Shizuka was a kind and happy girl when she was younger but changed after her father died to make her aunts take care of her and be her guardian. He notices that Shizuka tries her hardest in school and is proud of her.

When Shizuka was losing to Arisa each time in the tests, Manabe would steal Arisa's notes and copy them down for her. He has protected and stayed with Shizuka during her hard times in her life, he even stole the cell phones from Tsubasa to give to Shizuka. He has always helped Shizuka calm down and cares for her. He also pushes her wheelchair at times.

When Shizuka "betrayed" by the King and was shunned by her classmates - even though she never had many friends before - Manabe was always by her side. His loyalty for her and his love for her is very deep and strong, though romantic feelings have not been stated. He did betray Shizuka twice in order to save/help Tsubasa.

Uehara Tsubasa

Shizuka met Tsubasa when Tsubasa was trying to sneak in Manabe's house in order to retrieve the cell phones he had stolen from her as well as wanting to find more about him. Shizuka notices Tsubasa at the front of Manabe's house and invites Tsubasa inside Manabe's house to chat and hang out with her and letting her see Manabe afterward. They build up a good relationship (ex. the "love letter" Tsubasa wants to give to Mababe turns out to be a "wanna fight?" card which makes Shizuka laugh.) Tsubasa asks Shizuka why the school is not fun making Shizuka tell Tsubasa about a person who was always good at making friends and deceiving people (Arisa). After saying that she didn't do anything wrong she stumbles on Tsubasa making her glasses (which she uses to disguise herself) fall off and notice that she looks just like Arisa. Shizuka then attacks Tsubasa but is stopped by Manabe immediately. Shizuka apologizes to Tsubasa on what she did the last time after their second time they meet.

Tsubasa suspects that Shizuka is the King after knowing that Manabe had stolen the cell phones and gave it to her, she befriends Shizuka and helps her after her feeling sick and brings her home in order to find the phones. Shizuka becomes gentle and nice which confuses Tsubasa whether if her kindness is the real Shizuka or not but remembers that she said she has a better ally than Manabe referring to the current King. Tsubasa shakes it off and goes to get water but actually goes up to Shizuka's room to find the phones. Tsubasa tries to make Shizuka forget about her revenge on Arisa and hosts a BBQ with her and her friends dragging Shizuka along in a bit of a hostile way. Shizuka tells Tsubasa the truth about her motives making Tsubasa happy and wanting to become Shizuka's friend. However she becomes angry thinking that she is being pitied by Tsubasa, Tsubasa then falls off a cliff which terrifies Shizuka and accepts Tsubasa's friendship. Shizuka decides that she wants to return the phones back to Tsubasa and asks Manabe to come over to her house to pick up the phones, unfortunately, the King sends a text to Shizuka which consists of a small clip of Arisa removing her wig revealing Tsubasa. The King tells Shizuka that Arisa and Tsubasa are twins and have been using Shizuka to get the phones from her as well as saying that they are laughing at her. This angers Shizuka and uses the cell phones to make a wish of erasing Arisa from the world and realizes that Tsubasa isn't her friend. Tsubasa goes to Himetsubaki Hospital to go protect Arisa while Manabe snatches Shizuka's phone from her and leaves her. Tsubasa tries to convince Shizuka that Arisa would never try to harm her and that she really wants to be her friend.

Arisa Sonoda

Arisa is Shizuka's test rival. Arisa was always on the top of the test scores which shocked Shizuka. She says to Shizuka that she got lucky on the test, this causes Shizuka to be a bit relieved and then stumbles upon Arisa's notebook. She says to Shizuka the second time of the test scores that those numbers mean nothing to her which makes Shizuka question that it means everything to her. During when the class of 2B starts to bully Shizuka Arisa calls Manabe to speak to her alone which causes Shizuka to fall off the rooftop of the school. In chapter 17 Shizuka asks Arisa to help her about the King but tells her that she'll never be able to find the King (Shizuka's POV). In volume 10, chapter 38, Arisa witnesses Shizuka about to jump off the rooftop of the school which terrifies her and feels guilty about King Time as well as unable to confront Midori (the current King).