Uehara Tsubasa


June 6th

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Current: Blonde Original: Reddish-brown

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Uehara Tsubasa is the main proganist of Arisa, despite the name. She is Sonada Arisa's older twin sister. Their happy reunion came to an end when Arisa jumped out of her bedroom window in front of Tsubasa, claiming she doesn't know any of her secrets. In order to discover the said secrets, Tsubasa disguises herself to be Arisa by wearing a wig, and starts to attended Arisa's school, Himetsubaki Junior High.


Tsubasa has curly-wavy golden, blond hair that reaches to around her elbows. It is said in Chapter One of the Manga that Tsubasa previously had red hair, like her sister Arisa, but that she later dyed it blond because she wanted to look cuter "like a doll." Like Arisa, Tsubasa has purple-violet eyes. Though Arisa and Tsubasa are twins, their physical features have more than a few differences. Not only does their height, weight, and hair color and texture differ, but the way they are drawn and their facial expressions are also quite different. Tsubasa has more tough, passionate, wild expressions and therefore she is also drawn a little more "wild" than Arisa, who is drawn with softer features and slightly longer eyebrows. The weight and height difference isn't large - Tsubasa is a little heavier than Arisa, who is also a bit taller.


Though Tsubasa Uehara and Arisa Sonada are twin sisters, their personalities could not be any more different. While Arisa has perfect grades, is class president, cute, popular, and has a beautiful boyfriend, Tsubasa is infamous at her school for her fighting skills. She is called the "Demon Princess" by her classmates, because with her purple eyes and gold hair, she looks like a princess, but inside she is an angry demon. Tsubasa's temper is easily provoked, but not without reason - Tsubasa only seems to get angry when something unfair or cruel is happening, such as when somebody is getting bullied or when a teacher is treating their students unfairly (In Volume 1, when a gym teacher sexual harasses his students, Tsubasa proceeds to angrily yell at and kick the teacher.) She also seems to have less-than-stellar grades, such as is mentioned in Chapter One. She wants to be more "girly" and have more friends that are girls - she wants to tell secrets and giggle and have her hair done, and such. She likes dressing up and loves cute things - however, despite this, she has very few friends that are girls - if any - and lots of guy friends, due to her reputation as the Demon Princess, which intimidates the girls and attracts some guys (though in non-romantic ways.)

Despite her temper and fighting tendencies, Tsubasa is a cute, kind person who can really touch people's hearts when it matters. She is loyal to all her friends and tries her best all of the time- she never gives up, and she truly cares about people, especially those that are considered outcasts. She hardly ever cries, and is very tough, but has a large heart. Her friends mean a lot to her, and she is always trying to help out others. She is not as "perfect" as Arisa, but she is more real and relatable- she means everything that she says, but isn't very good at hiding her feelings. Tsubasa is a very passionate, fierce person, which adds to her character and makes her more likeable. She is adored by both of her parents, and despite her low grades and lack of girl-friends, seems to have a good, steady confidence in herself, though she isn't at all egotistical. The fact that both of her parents care about Tsubasa so much ignites fear and low-self esteem in her twin sister Arisa - another aspect that is different about the twins. While Tsubasa is kind and loyal and loves her friends, she also doesn't worry very much about what others think, though she's constantly trying to help them.


Tsubasa and Arisa are twin sisters. They are separated by their parents divorce, but they promise to send letters to each other. Tsubasa lives with their father and attends Higashi Junior High, where she is known as "The Demon Princess" due to her integrity and quick temper. Despite her actions, she wishes she could be and dress more feminine. Three years after their separation, Tsubasa and Arisa reunite at the park they used to play at when they were smaller. They talk about their lives, and Tsubasa tells Arisa she is envious but proud of her, but Arisa tells her that she is not as perfect as she seems and suggests they switch places for a day. Tsubasa agrees and wears a wig to disguise herself as Arisa. Tsubasa goes to Class 2B, Arisa's class, which only causes her to think even more that Arisa is the perfect student. She tells this to Arisa but she says that she doesn't know any of their secrets and receives a card that says "Arisa Sonada is a traitor", and she jumps out of her bedroom window in front of Tsubasa, sending Arisa into a coma. In order to discover the secrets Arisa is hiding, Tsubasa pretends to be her again and returns to Himebutski High. She learns of King Time, which happens every 4th period on Friday. Tsubasa learns that King Time is used for the students to request wishes from a mysterious internet presence known as the King. At first, King Time seems like an innocent game to help others, but when the wishes turn sinister - such as "Make Sensei disappear" and such - Tsubasa begins to suspect something here is wrong. As time goes on, she realizes how much the King is in control of Class 2B, making her worry. After a fellow classmate receives a note similar to Arisa's because they questioned - therefore, betrayed - the king's powers, that classmate is shunned by Class 2B, causing Tsubasa to become angry and realized something is truly wrong.


Manabe AkiraEdit

Manabe Akira used to be the problem child of Class 2B, though after he became friends with Arisa, he began to increase his attendance, reputation, and grades. He is quiet, snarky and a mysterious character. At first, his relationship with Tsubasa was rocky, as he thought Tsubasa was Arisa and that Arisa was the King - however, when Tsubasa is pushed in the swimming pool and her red wig falls off, he realizes her true identity. Their relationship, at first, was nothing but a firm alliance - Manabe and Tsubasa teamed up to find the true King. At the beginning, Tsubasa also suspected Manabe of being the King, but eventually her suspiscion subsided. The two became good friends as they continued to work together, getting each other out of scrapes and such. Tsubasa started to trust Manabe completely, but this trust was shattered when she realized he was working with Shizuka, who Tsubasa suspected was the King. This is found out when Manabe takes the phones they collected - the phones that are the chosen five phones which can send wishes, one phone which belongs to the King - and steals them away to give them to Shizuka so she can seek her revenge. During this time, their alliance and friendship is broken and Tsubasa questions what they are to each other now - however, even during this time, Manabe rescues her. When she falls into a trap set by the King, he goes out of his way and risks his life to find and rescue Tsubasa, even though it is technically betraying Shizuka. Tsubasa is shown to trust Manabe more than almost anyone else in the entire story, and he is often the one to realize things before she does. Their relationship status can only be, officially, an "alliance", or a casual to strong friendship, but romantic feelings still have room to develop.

Shizuka MochidzukiEdit

Shizuka and Tsubasa meet when Tsubasa is trying to sneak her way into Manabe's house to find out more about why he stole the cell phones and whether or not he knows/is the King. Tsubasa is wearing large glasses as a disguse, but not her red Arisa wig, so she looks like Tsubasa with glasses. Shizuka sees Tsubasa at the front of Manabe's house and the two have a nice, easy conversation about Manabe and their relations. Shizuka recognizes Tsubasa, and invited her to come wait for Manabe inside. The two have nice conversations and seem to be building a good relationship,(Tsubasa making Shizuka laugh by a "love letter" that asked, 'Wanna fight?' saying they were piling up) until Shizuka realizes Tsubasa looks like Arisa and attacks her, but Tsubasa is saved by Manabe. Shizuka apologizes, and Tsubasa pretends to be her friend in order to try to find out more about Manabe and the King. When Tsubasa realizes it is Shizuka to whom Manabe gave the cell phones, Tsubasa suspects Shizuka to be the King. With this reasoning, she pretends to become Shizuka's friend, and goes over to her house to look for the phones. The two seem to get along well and to become good friends, and Tsubasa expresses confusion when she finds out that Shizuka wishes to get revenge on Arisa and to destroy Arisa's life. She witnesses Shizuka's sinister side, as well as Shizuka's optimistic, cute, friendly side, which causes Tsubasa to wonder which of those personalities is the true Shizuka. She develops the desire to stay friends with Shizuka after realizing that it was revenge and loss that made Shizuka bitter, and she says the "real" Shizuka is the fun, happy, friendly person she met when visiting Manabe. Tsubasa then tries to get Shizuka to realize that revenge does not bring happiness, and that forgetting about hatred and such and focusing on friendship and happiness is much more rewarding. She hosts a BBQ for Shizuka and introduces Shizuka to her friends from her old middle school. Shizuka then confronts her about her true motives, and Tsubasa expresses her desire to really just become friends and to rid of the bitterness inside of Shizuka. Shizuka becomes angry with Tsubasa, and then Tsubasa accidentally falls off a cliff thanks to the King, just as Shizuka was accepting her friendship. She is rescued, and Shizuka starts to realize that maybe it is better to forget about revenge and be happy with her friends. When she decides this, she receives a note from the King. After finding out from the King that Tsubasa is Arisa's twin and that Tsubasa is using Shizuka to help Arisa, Shizuka becomes angry and takes the cell phones and wishes to destroy the thing most precious to Arisa, knowing that Tsubasa isn't really her friend. This causes Tsubasa to be put in great danger, but she is rescued by Manabe, which saddens and angers Shizuka. After this happens, Tsubasa convinces Shizuka that Arisa never tried to harm her, and that she really did want to be Shizuka's friend and wasn't just using her - which is true, as Tsubasa had come to really care for and like Shizuka. This makes Shizuka happy, and the two remain friends.

Arisa SonodaEdit

Arisa is Tsubasa's younger twin sister. Tsubasa cares an awful lot about Arisa. She admires,loves, and respects Arisa, often confessing how she wished that she were Arisa rather than herself. Arisa is the opposite of Tsubasa - she is popular, cute, has perfect grades, never fights, and is perfect in every way, or so it seems, while Tsubasa is loud, fierce, temperamental, and has bad grades and always wishes she could be like Arisa. Tsubasa would do anything for Arisa, and after Arisa jumps out the window and lands in a coma, Tsubasa gets a wig and pretends to be Arisa just to find out why Arisa would do such a thing. She puts herself in grave danger many times, risking her life to find the true King and the real reason for Arisa's suicide attempt. Tsubasa truly, deeply believes in her younger twin sister, believing strongly that she is a kind, beautiful, perfect person who would cause nobody any harm. She is very loyal to her sister and is very happy when she awakens, and stays by Arisa's side in the hospital all night talking to her. Her love for her sister is unconditional, even when Arisa tells her not to associate herself with Arisa anymore and rejects her and expresses her hatred for Tsubasa - even then, Tsubasa continues to care for and love Arisa. Arisa reveals in the end that Tsubasa is the best sister ever, and to her is like the sun.

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